Web Design

Casual Business Meeting

At iNetGate, we do web design and/or web development by following our proofen procedure:

  • Meet, Listen and Learn


We want to know as much as possible about your business, your ideas and imaginations to be able to come up with a draft that aligns with what you have in mind. 


  • Layout, Design and Present


We carefully art design, layout a draft and run it by you in multiple iterations until we have something that is fun to work with, pleases your ideas and is optimal to use for your customers.


  • Talk, Improve and Launch


We work with keeping that deadlines in mind and deliverying complete crafted art on time! Even after the launch we will be here for you to help if any problems may arise or if you would like to have some changes or optimizations on your website. our relationship will not end on launch date, we are always here for you!