Social Media Integration

Everybody has heard that social media is the new number 1 marketing strategy these days, be it for online or offline businesses, but many of business owners ask themselves:


How does social media help me and my business?


It is fairly simple, social media presence gives your business mainly one thing: more exposure. And isn't additional exposure what we all need in terms of marketing a business?


How do I get conversion from this exposure?


There is not one answer that fits all. It really depends on what kind of product or service you offer and what kind of deals and advertising options you have with your business. We have extensive experience in covering social media integration for various kinds of businesses  and we will be happy to sit together with you, to outline and analyze what social media integration works best your you and how it will help you get business and conversions.


How much does this cost me?


Once we sit together and look at the possible options, we can give you a tailored, fully customized exrtimate at the best price available! iNetGate can offer really low prices to keep social media integration very efficient for you!


Which social media platforms do yo work with?


This changes almost on a daily or weekly basis and also depends on contents to be posted. We of course cover the large ones like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+ but can also establish you a presence on some of the lesser known, smaller platforms like Digg, Stumbleupon, Redit or Pintrest (just to name a few)


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