Where does inspiration for web design come from?


web design inspiration

As exciting and cool as it is to develop a web site's design, every designer has to stop at one point and ask himself "How can I improve my design?" Do you know that phrase, “we eat with our eyes first?” Well in this case, “we (get the urge to) use with our eyes first.”


It is crucial that the usability is mainatined while compiling a design for a web site. As a web designer, you can not allow the user to not find whatever he/she came onto the web site for. First graphical impressions are important but it must be clear to the visitor where to go next pretty much immediately as he/she lands on your front or landing page.


Brain strom ideas for a design, use paper, a mobile phone, Photoshop or whatever other tool you find useful to keep your mind aligned with the ideas. Surf the web and discover what others have done. Research the latest technologies that may enable the design to transform into something one couldn't even think of before.


There's uncountable places where inspiration may come from. Let the mind go, explore places, meet people, anything really... it's even allowed/required to forget the available tools and you might discover another aparatus to utilize.

However, on return to the drawing and the compilation of a new design, I think every web designer will agree that a design is never finished, imporvements can always be applied.


Thus, keep improving to keep moving!


Ron Eggler, 2013

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