What is Bootstrap? {Infographics}


We may like it or not, but there are no permanent solutions when it comes to web design; every month (if not every week) a new software or tool is launched in order to make it easier for users to build new web pages, edit existing web pages and more. Of course, as with any new technology, there is always a period of time where we need to get used to it. But the more tools we know about, the more choices we have. And the sooner you know about them, the better. So, now we suggest that you take a look at the Twitter Bootstrap. It’s a new, but promising front-end framework that was released for faster and easier web development.

Boot Strap

Bootstrap allows anyone with just a little knowledge of HTML and CSS to create sites and applications. The point is that the framework is supplied with different components, code snippets and JavaScript plugins so you can easily add buttons, dropdowns, navigation bars, accordions, carousels and other interface elements to your projects. By the way, Bootstrap is a perfect solution whether you want to build a fixed-width or a responsive layout. If you’d like to know more about this framework, we suggest that you check the infographic featured in this article.

One problem Bootstrap fans had before was that they had to spend a lot of time visiting many sites to find information about Bootstrap. The infographic helped solve this issue. Now you can find the most useful Bootstrap resources in one place and you just need to invest a bit of time to learn how to use Bootstrap effectively.

Please keep in mind, below is a static infographic, but if you’d like to see the interactive infographic about Bootstrap, then you should follow this link or click on the screenshot.


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