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seo puzzle solved


What is SEO and do I need it for my site?


This question is what many website operators ask themselves. At least some basic SEO is a required marketing tool in today's online world! Without SEO, Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing (e.g.) may not be able to list and display your site because they do not know how to index the contents of your site. Your site and pages need to be indexed with the correct key words and key word combinations so that a search engnine can list your site when someone searches for a product, a  company or a service like the one you offer.


So what can I do to get my website listed and indexed accordingly?


Imagine that search spiders keep getting better every day and they read your content almost like humans do. Thus, the content on a website must be written in a human readable form. If you try to stuff too many keywords into sentences or even try to cheat by listing up key words only, search engine spiders will find out about it, lower your rating or even end up black list your site altogether. There also are many alternative ways to get your site rated higher. If you work with us, we will figure out the best way to improve the search engine ratings of your website!


How much SEO do I need?


Because this is virtually impossible to tell in advance how much SEO your site requires to land a good spot, iNetGate offers a modularized SEO approach wich enables you to sign up for more or fewer optimizations on a dynamic basis. As the Internet is a moving place where every day 1000s of new websites (and potentially competitors) get added and some others disapear, your website may need (depending on yours and your competition's keywords) dynamic SEO changes. Search engine "spiders" are crawling and indexing websites on the the Internet non-stop, in an attempt to provide users with the best search results possible and you may be required to adjust your keywords and other SEO methods just as dynamically to ensure you don't lose your top spot in major search engines.